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TVW  Career Development 

Supporting you on your Career Path

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About Us

We support the employment choices of people with disabilities. Through the advocacy for a truly integrated and diverse workforce of people with all abilities.

Seeking Services: About Us


Meet your Employment Consultant, to

Identify your needs, abilities and interests.

Discover your skills through a variety of tasks.

Explore your interests through volunteer opportunities, job tours and job shadowing.

Work to prepare your resume or employment applications.

 Develop job interview skills.

Job Coaching

Your Job Coach will:

Support you through, your introduction to employment and Navigate with you through any obstacle that arises. We Advocate for you throughout the entire process of becoming fully independent.


Job Development Services

Your Employment Consultant :

Partners with local businesses to match your skills and interests, with the right employer. 
Supports you during the interview process.
Works with you to support your decision on whether to accept or an employment offer.

Advocates on your behalf for a good wage and agreeable schedule. 

Seeking Services: What We Do

Connect with Us

"Building a Better Community One Job at  a Time"

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