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 Inclusive Hiring starts with you.

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Stephanie Chase

Director, Hillsboro Public Library

 "With our mission at the library, for everyone, we feel it is essential for all members of our community to be represented at the library, and to have the opportunity for our community to engage with one another. But even beyond that larger mission, the benefits we have seen from having supported employment opportunities is so impactful.  The pleasure of helping someone succeed in what might be their first true job,and the joy and excitement that is shared with that employee's colleagues is wonderful. I'm so glad we started down the supported employment path, and each year, we keep hoping to add additional opportunities!”

Become an Employer: About Us

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Inclusive Hiring

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start?

Partner with us and tap an underutilized applicant pool of energetic job seekers. Bringing a person with a disability on to your team is a great way to become a champion of diverse hiring practices and of forging a path for a better tomorrow. 

Get in touch with us today for details about how you can help.


Benefits of a Diverse workforce

From a public relations standpoint, hiring disabled workers creates a positive image for your business. If you operate in a small community, you quickly establish a reputation as a company that offers an inclusive rather than exclusive workforce.

Diversity is both meaningful and practical. Practicing diversity has a positive outcome for your team and for the world. 


Create a community that looks like us

Did you know that 1 out of every 6 people live with some sort of intellectual or physical a disability? But that doesn't mean they can't work. In many cases, people living with disabilities make fantastic employees because they are eager to make friends, fit into their community and be a contributing, tax paying, member of society.

Disabilities knows no color, race or gender or nationality. 

It affects everyone; rich, poor and in between. In fact, you probably know someone affected by a disability.

Our true community is full of richness and diversity and people who live with a disability are no exception.

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The Bottom Line

As an employer, the highest gift  you can give to help us fulfill our mission is the opportunity for employment. We provide you with all the appropriate information you need to be successful in your endeavor to create an inclusive workforce. Please contact us with your questions, so we can help you get started today.

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